Tyla shares music video for “Truth Or Dare”

Tyla shares music video for “Truth Or Dare”

Tyla shares music video for “Truth Or Dare”

Tyla performs on stage during 2024 New Year's celebration on Times Square in New York on December 31^ 2023.

Tyla is back with the video for her new single, “Truth Or Dare,” the follow-up to her previous hit song, “Water”. In the video for “Truth Or Dare”, Tyla meets up with a troublesome ex, with whom she embarks on a car trip – but by the end of the video, we see the Afrofusion superstar getting her revenge.

Tyla’s debut album will drop in a few weeks, and in a recent interview with Complex she expressed her musical dreams:  “I come from a very small place, a little city in South Africa all the way at the bottom of Africa, the tip. And literally, I was just a girl with a dream, a girl that didn’t really have much examples… like this wasn’t really possible at that age when I was coming up as an artist, it wasn’t something that was realistic and I made it a reality. We need an African pop star, and hopefully I’m that one.”

Check out the video for “Truth Or Dare” – here.
Tyla’s self-titled debut album Tyla is set for release on 3/1; to pre-order, head here.

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