New York City’s novel coronavirus death toll reached over 10,000 on Tuesday, after the Health Department included those who died without an official test. The Health Department estimated that the inclusion adds 3,778 New York City dwellers lost their lives to the fatal virus. The new count is 57 percent higher than reported just hours earlier.

The new findings show an increasingly dire situation in Brooklyn, where 656 suspected COVID-19 deaths made more than one third of the newly reported cases. Queens, believed to be the epicenter of the epicenter, has seen 2,632 of its residents die from COVID, the new data shows.  Among the newly reported probable deaths, 962 were people over the age of 75, 455 were between the ages of 65 and 74 and 453 were between 45 and 64 years old, data shows. Roughly 60 percent were men and about 40 percent women, according to the data.

The news arrived hours after Gov. Andrew Cuomo announced 778 New York State residents had died in a single day

Coronavirus updates: NYC revises death toll to over 10,000 with ‘probable’ deaths