Cardi B is looking out for the essential hospital workers in New York City hospitals, sending them donations to help keep them going during this devastating time.

The 27-year-old old rapper sent over 20,000 bottles of  a plant-based vegan meal supplement drink called Owyn to hospitals across New York City. The rapper’s donation comes after she had a brief hospital stay last week, visiting the emergency room last week for some stomach issues. She assured fans on Instagram that her symptoms had nothing to do with COVID-19.

Cardi had requested that her doctor make a home visit but due to the pandemic that wasn’t an option. “Doctors are not allowed to come to people’s homes right now. They kept telling me to drink ginger tea.” After not eating for four days in a row, frequently vomiting and experiencing severe headaches she went to the hospital.

Cardi B Donates 20,000 Vegan Meal Supplements To NYC Medical Staff


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