39-year-old rapper Slim Thug announced he has tested positive for coronavirus. In a video he shared on Instagram, the rapper said:  “So check this out, no games being played alright,” he began in the clip. “The other day, I got tested for the coronavirus yesterday and it came back positive,” he revealed. “As careful as I have been self-quarantined and staying home. I might’ve went and got something to eat or something, did some stuff like that, simple stuff like that, nothing crazy.”

He added: “I’m good, I feel good, I don’t got no problems right now,” he assured fans. “The other day, I had a slight fever and a cough. I feel better now. I don’t have no fever or nothing like that so I feel like I’m good, but y’all better take this serious. It’s real out here, coronavirus.”

Slim Thug posted an additional photo on his Instagram showing his followers that a stay at home order had been announced until April 3 on the newscast he was viewing.

Slim Thug tests positive for coronavirus: ‘It’s real out here’

Via thegrio.com

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