College tuition can be SUPER expensive, especailly if you're looking to go out of your home state. Well The University System of Georgia's Board of Regents have come up with a new policy that will allow students in neighbor states such as, South Carolina, Alabama, and Florida, to attend participating schools in Georgia at a "in-state" tuition cost! For example, at one of the participating schools, Valdosta State University, an estimated total of in-state tution is $16,226. As for out of state students, the estimate cost for a full year would be $29,122!!!

Saving an extra $13,000 on college will definately make a difference in a lot of homes. The board is hoping to also reap benefits from the policy as they are aiming to increase enrollment. Before all the UGA and Georgia State fans jump on the bandwagon to eroll for their classes, just know that this policy does not apply to them as they are always at full capacity and recieve more applications than they can accept!

Here's the list of Georgia's participating schools:

-Abraham Baldwin Agricultural College

-Albany State University

-Armstrong State University

-Bainbridge State College

-College of Coastal Georgia

-Darton State College

-Georgia Southwestern State University

-Savannah State University

-Valdosta State University


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