Hello everyone, I’m known as Haley. I find myself in need of a residence that offers both affection and preferably at least one plushie toy.

As I was taking my daily constitutional, I arrived at the realization that a cohabitational relationship would behoove both myself and any already residing within that residence. Furthermore, I deduced that said residence would most likely contain one or more of those tall, two-legged, hairless dogs that seem to come in varying sizes and colors, which heretofore are referred to as “hoomans.” I am agreeable to this arrangement as set forth herein and do hereby declare myself fit for a cohabitation arrangement with these “hoomans.” Sign here, second copy’s yours, thank you for your time.

From the Staff at PAWS: Haley is a SUPER sweet, medium sized girl looking for a family of her own! Come meet her at PAWS!!

As always, all of Anderson County PAWS’ adoptable animals are vaccinated, microchipped, spayed or neutered, de-wormed, treated for fleas, and tested for age appropriate behavior – so they’re ready to come home with you right away!
To find out more about this fur baby or any of our adoptable animals, call Anderson County PAWS at (864) 260-4151 or visit Petango!