Big Sean has expressed displeasure at the lack of movie theaters in his hometown of Detroit after seeing Black Panther — so he’s decided open up his own.  Sean took to Instagram on Thursday, March 1, to explain why he is opening up his own theater. “There literally is not one movie theater in the city of Detroit that plays new movies, only in the suburbs,” he wrote on his page. “Yesterday, we took 1,000 kids from a Detroit Public Schools and took them to see ‘Black Panther’ as a field trip. I think it’s important they see superheroes of all shades and that look like most of them, and [I] support it.”  Sean is connecting with Emagine Entertainment to develop the Sean Anderson Theatre in Detroit. “I wanted to show the city and Detroit Public Schools that a kid from DPS, that’s the same color as most of them, can be an owner and a CEO too and open big business in uncharted territory!”  

Big Sean Plans To Open Motor City Movie Theater


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