JAY-Z spent nearly $100,000 on champagne on Monday, February 19, according to Page Six.  Jay treated Juan “OG” Perez, president of Roc Nation Sports, and other Roc Nation execs to a lavish night out on the town to celebrate Perez’s birthday. A photo of JAY’s bill at Playroom Lounge, which was uploaded to Snapchat by his server, shows he purchased 40 bottles of Ace of Spades. The bill also shows a jaw-dropping $11,100 tip.  And before JAY splurged on nearly $100,000’s worth of Ace of Spades (a brand he owns), he and his guests dined at Zuma and Made in Mexico. The tab for dinner at Zuma totaled $13,000, while the money spent at Made in Mexico was slightly cheaper at $9,000. JAY reportedly picked up the tab at all three locations.

Jay-Z Racked Up an Insane $91,135 Bar Tab at a Manhattan Nightclub

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