January 31, 2015
5:11 am

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Station Address: 220 N Main Street, Suite 402, Greenville, SC 29601
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Karolyn Mulvaney
VP/General Manager
karolyn.mulvaney@summitmediacorp.com (864) 232-9810
Megan Downey
General Sales Manager
megan.downey@summitmediacorp.com (864) 282-1035
Mark Shands
Program Director
mark.shands@summitmediacorp.com (864) 232-9810
Rhonda Rawlings
News Director
rhonda.rawlings@summitmediacorp.com (864) 232-9810
Sara Polk
Traffic Director
sara.polk@summitmediacorp.com (864) 232-9810
Beth Baltes
Sales Assistant
beth.baltes@summitmediacorp.com (864) 282-1053
Bethany Wimmer
bethany.wimmer@summitmediacorp.com (864) 232-9810
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