Fur Baby Friday

Each Friday morning, Dex and Barbie T will highlight an adoptable animal from Anderson County P.A.W.S. To find out more about any of these adoptable Fur Babies, please go to Petango to see all of Anderson County P.A.W.S.’s adoptable pets, or contact them at (864) 260-4151.

Click on each Fur Baby to see their full bio!


Hello, friends! My name is Porsha and I’m a laid-back girl, about 6 years old. I’m willing to look past your imperfections because I need someone to see past mine.


Hey, y’all! My name is Chessie. I enjoy a good Puppicino from Starbucks, but don’t call me basic. I just wear black because it’s efficient, OK?


Good day to you sirs and madams, my name is Jester. I arrived to Anderson County PAWS by way of the Hurricane Irma relief effort. I do enjoy a good cuddle, but I rather enjoy recreational time


What’s up, I’m Chisel, and I’m 4 years old (but I don’t look a day over 2). I spend most of my time working out, which you can totally tell by looking at me *flexes*


Yo it’s ya boy Jake, Jakey, Jakeroo – so you wanna take me home with you? I may act shy at first, but I really wants to be your thunder buddy for life.