HOT 98.1 Music Advisory Board

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HOT 98.1 needs YOU!

We need listener feedback to keep our station HOT. The Music Advisory Board is easy to join, easy to participate in, and dictates what we play on the air. Here’s how it works:

  • About once a month, a new survey will be released. Once you sign up, you’ll be notified via email that we need your opinion on these songs.
  • The signup process takes about one to two minutes, and will ask you for basic information and a few radio listening habits.
  • Sections of each song will play one at a time, and you can let us know if you know it, if you like it, and if you’re tired of it.
  • We will NOT use your information for ANY purpose other than these surveys.

We appreciate you taking the time to join and participate. I mean what else are you gonna do while you’re sitting in the waiting room / bored at work / pretending to study / pooping. Yeah, I said it.

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