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Tone Hollywood and Barbie T are on HOT 98-1 every weekday morning from 6am – 10am, bringing you the biggest hit music and artists; today’s stuff you need to know; and a whole lotta funny!

We’ve added some new features to our morning show, to keep you up on everything from celebrities to news! Listen for “Here’s What Trending” (the latest in the news you care about), “Entertainment This Morning” (what stupid celebrity made a fool of themselves), “Phone Check” just because no morning show is complete without prank calls, and “What Would You Do?” to guage your reaction to crazy situations)!

More about Tone Hollywood:

**From the webmaster: Hold on to your attention span, because you have just boarded the Tone Hollywood rollercoaster. Just when you think, “awww, Tone is so nice,” he’s gonna hit you between the eyes with funny. Prepare yourself.**

  • Where are you from? Born in Columbus, OH; grew up in Hampton, VA; and went to Clemson University (GO TIGERS!)
  • Where’d you get your start? My college roommate was a DJ on Clemson’s station, he got me on his show and I loved it! I started off at 107-3 JAMZ doing part-time promotions work, and now I’m living my dream of having my own morning show!
  • Tell us about your family. My mom and dad are hard-working, humble, loving people that have molded me into the beefcake of manliness I am today.
  • Where will you be in 20 years? An old man squeezing nurses’ buttocks in an old folks home.
  • What’s your best pick-up line (besides ‘hey, I have a morning show’): “You can’t get any worse, look at your babydaddy/ex-boyfriend! Come get this pimpin’!”

What’s your favorite…
Movie: Malcolm X
Artist: Notorious BIG
Food: Carribbean
Vacation Spot: Jamaica
Book: The Bible
Team: Dallas Cowboys, LA Lakers and CLEMSON EVERYTHING
Celebrity: Magic Johnson
TV Show: True Blood
Reality Star: Kandi from RHOA
Hobby: Working out
Weekend Activity: Video Games

If you were born a girl, what would your name be? Isis!
If you weren’t in radio, what would you be doing? Social Worker, or in HR somewhere
Describe the perfect life in three words: Putting. God. First.

*slow clap*