Ant Dizzle

Ant Dizzle rides the HOT 98-1 airwaves every weeknight and Saturdays starting at 7pm! Your nights just got hotter, with a DJ that we must admit… is hotter than the music.

Grew up in: the huge town of Ninety Six, SC
Got started in radio: through an internship for college
Favorite part of your job: cutting up on the air
About your family/pets: I’m the youngest of three boys… no pets, but I get called a dog a lot…
Where will you be in 20 years? Rich. And married to Demi Lovato. I love her.

My Favorites
Musical Group: Randy Watson & his band Sexual Chocolate
Food: Chicken
Vacay Spot: Panama City!
TV Show: Brain Games
Hobby: Drinking
Weekend Activity: Drinking

Fill in the blank
I tell people my celebrity doppelganger is LL Cool J, but I really look more like Flo Rida.
My stupid human trick is doing a backflip.
My biggest pet peeve is running out of pineapple and vodka. I HATE THAT.
My best pick up line is “Yo girl, whatcho name is?? Lemme get them digits.”
In three words, describe the perfect life: Party, party, party.